For Clarification

Some of my blogs are of a religious nature, but most often, those blogs are directed, not at non-believers, but at people who claim to be believers.  There has been so much war and hatred pushed in the name of Jesus, someone needs to make them aware of what Jesus was really about.  Evidently, they're not getting it from their preachers.

I consider myself a Christian because I try to follow the actions and teachings of Christ.  I'm not perfect by any means, but I can't condone hatred and killing in the name of Jesus.  I can't condone people like Rev. Phelps screaming, "God hates fags," and, "Thank God for dead soldiers..." especially at someone's funeral.  I can't condone them telling people that, "Jesus will make you rich (materially)," when Christ and his apostles were too poor to afford the temple tax that was required by the religious leaders of his day.

It seems that some "Christians" can't be happy unless they're telling someone that they're going to hell or telling them how much better they are because they're "saved."  They want to keep themselves separate from others and not associate with anyone who doesn't think like them.  They want to be exclusive rather than inclusive, so they demean anyone who doesn't spout the same empty words that they do.  They act more like some kind of social club (or anti-social club, actually), than they do a group of people concerned with the needs of others.

Now, if you're a Christian and don't like this, forgive me.  If you're not and don't like this, screw off.

Uploaded 05/15/2011
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