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I read you comment about drunken blogs and I dont think I have ever wrote one drunk because I can barely write when I am sober but here I sit at 630  in the evening and I am drunk already. I am drunk because my daughter is turning 21 and I really do feel old and maybe just a little sorry for the moment but as my mom said just imagine how it feels to have your baby be 51 years old and it put things in perspective. Now I am good and drunk here I really with out further delay my blog.


I read many of the comments on my blog and others about health care and I would once again like to state my views because even when I state them I get accused of things I didn't say or mean.

1) Every American should be entitled to health care although it should not be free and NOWHERE in anything I have said do you hear me say I am for insurance companies.

2) I am ALL for helping the people who need help IF you are an American citizen and if you are hurt then  go to ANY emergency room and get help. But I will never support ANY bill that would give or allow illegals to get health care in this country. Until you have gone through the proper channels. If it takes a little bit of time TOUGH! Once you are here I will fight for you in any endeavor you have if you are mistreated. We have laws in this country and that is why you want to live here because our laws are FAIR and passed by our people and if you are living here illegally you are breaking the laws that you are fighting to get protection under and we cant pick and choose what laws we want to obey individually.

3)I am against a Public Option but not entirely it really is a broad brush stroke when you say Public Option it has to much field into which it can be screwed around with. Obama said it is there only for people who dont have health care at the time. "AT THE TIME" think about that if I drop my insurance am I "at the time" because supposedly we are going to run it like a business well look at our debt are we good business men?Every body will be dropping their insurance to get on the Government tit and we will have Socialized medicine. I dont care what you say Socialized medicine is a bad idea, we have all heard the stories about it I have family who goes to the land across the pond and she has a couple of all day romps in the Socialized medicine world it really is a mess they cant get out of. I noticed this one person on ebaums and I am sorry I cant remember her name but she is always coming on here trying to insult this great country and get her anti-war message out there and you can just tell she doesn't understand but she keeps spreading the nonsense as if we should all be part of a socialized medicine utopia. Her latest insult comes in the form of a statement about how we the US are the only country who hasnt gone to the socialized health care, well I say misery does love company and if your country is so great why arent you number one? Freedom doesnt mean free and we have got off track somewhere.People scream and cry about Insurance Companies and I am one of them but would we like it if the Government told our Doctors and Nurses how much they are allowed to make? If we get into socialized medicine dont think they wont be doing just that.

4) I am against our Government telling us we HAVE to have insurance. When Obama said that last night I just cringed and I wonder why everybody doesn't. It is a great idea that everybody have insurance but to be forced? NO! We are Americans and our bodies are not a vehicle or a boat.

5)Finally.....the so called Public Option is there only to make insurance Companies to negotiate fairly and we could get the whole thing done by just allowing insurance companies to go into ANY state and its for that reason I think the public option is just a back door to Socialized medicine. heard the state insurance   from a guy on cnn, sounded good to me.

I think we have raised a whole generation who are frightened to make it on their own and go out and compete and now they are looking to the government to cuddle them. I for one am very sad by this and I just cannot allow myself to be OK with Government control but I am not against Government helping out but WE as a government are NOT good business men. If you think that health care should be free or a right then you have to let the government control wages of Doctors and and Nurses and I for one like the idea of a motivated  Doctor and if you take away that you end up with a worker who just wants to go home at 5 and if you dont believe that then just ask them. I went to the Doctor today and my bill was 180.00 with my medicare help but when I was insured by an insurance company it cost me 40. Insurance companies are the lo-est of low taking all your money when you need it the most but sometimes we have to dance with the devil.


So dread08 this was my drunken blog and as you can see it doesn't matter other than the fact I like many drunk people cant shut up and I even wrote most of this sitting in the doctors office. Thanks for reading and REALLY wallboy you dont have to comment if I want to know what you think I will read the Democrats Manifesto.  Bohank



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