For my special friend.......

I posted a couple of quotes last night just to see if anybody could see that they both said the same thing. Someone said they liked one but didn't mention the other but at the core they said the same thing God is totally different that man or if you like God is different that religion. This was not political it was not about the separation of church and state (thank you jackass I knew I could count on you, with respect) it was quite simply put, nothing is more evil than MAN and if we cut God out what do we have? we have MAN. We can go round and round about the existence of God but it will always come down to a question of Faith. I admit I have little if any Faith in men but I do believe in God and no I am not trying to put my beliefs on you, all I have ever tried to do is get people to understand that RELIGION is not the same as God. Now please feel free to tell me how you dont believe but I ask one favor..........give me the same respect I give you. Now for the individual (you know who you are) see I did post a God blog, and I had no fear. Good enough for you?


Thanks for reading Bohank 


PS here is another quote for you...


   Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge

                     is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.

                       -Albert Einstein

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