For the BIG BAD, John Stamos is my enemy!!

I was driving along like my usual bad ass self listening to the funniest morning show going (The Dean Blundell Show) and I was forced to slam on my brakes pull over and cry!!

That BASTARD JOHN STAMOS has done it again!!  He has ruined another promising young actors career.  One of the best young Hollywood up-an-comers (in my opinion) JAMES FRANCO has apparently just signed on to take JOHN STAMOS role as uncle Jessie in the movie adaptation of FULL HOUSE.  Hearing this news made me shed a single tear, but I held back as i filled with rage at John Stamos and had the uncontrollable urge to kick him square in the nuts.

James Franco has already proved himself in Hollywood as a very promising actor with great range and the ability to take any role and make it fantastic, for proof watch PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.  This movie would have at best been a good rental instead of the box office smash it became in part by his fantastic role.  He followed this with a questionable role in MILK, he played a gay.  I have no problems with gay's but I did see the depth of his range while playing this very obviously difficult character.  Now I can clearly see that this choice of roles may have led him down a very dark path.

In the article describing this FULL HOUSE movie, they said that James Franco would be spending hours upon hours watching old full house episodes to best study the character of Uncle Jessie played by the decrepit JOHN STAMOS.

Honestly you would think John Stamos would do the world one most deserved solid by advising a young Mr. Franco to avoid this role, as it could very easily turn him down the very dark and career ending path that John Stamos followed.

I for one am taking a stand, if I ever get the opportunity to hurt, kick, burn or otherwise make John Stamos pay I am going to take it!! I would advise all of you to do the same.  Secondly if anybody reading this has the occasion to meet/know/see or even talk to JAMES FRANCO, please - PLEASE warn him of this very obvious trap the unrelenting John Stamos has set for him!!

This time JOHN STAMOS has gone to far - let this be his last stand!!

Uploaded 06/10/2009
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