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Entrepreneur: "a person who takes the risk of organizing and operating a new business venture."

I want to start my own business, but I'm stuck. Ever since my first lemonade stand (the "Snack Shack", complete with palm-tree roofing and painted graphics on the plywood walls) on my street corner, I knew that I wouldn't be happy any other way than to run my own business. This was 7 years ago, and I am 20 now. Sure, I work a full-time Supervisor job at a retail store, make $10/hr, drive a decent truck, but every day that goes by I think of as a waste because I am not taking advantage of the things coming my way.

Maybe I am stubborn because I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along, but I'm realizing that it will never just fall at my footsteps. So on my freetime, I like to research various avenues of business I could go in for my first business. One thing I am learning quickly is that someone is already do it. How am I to compete in a market where the average business has years and years of experience on me.

Take this quote into consideration:

  • "If you're starting a new business, whether it's producing a product or providing a service, you have to have something that you're doing that distinguishes you from what's already available. It's important to look for voids that are not currently being serviced in the marketplace."

Now, I am back to square one - finding that business idea that no one else has yet. This is no easy task. I haven't been able to find that perfect idea yet, and I'm sure that when I do, it's not something I will have even the slightest desire to do.

I'm not (un)fortunate enough to have a CEO dad that wants nothing more than to spoil his kid - I am starting from a middle class family. I have a personality that will attract potentional investors to my ideas, and I have the leadership skills to move a business to success, but where do I even start getting inspirations for an idea?

Motivation is a big issue too. To undertake a project like this requires self-motivation. I like to consider myself to be self-motivated, but what I need now is other people (even just one) to push me the rest of the way into my dreams.

Uploaded 08/25/2008
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