For the men out there

This is for all you guys out there!  Women are nuts.  I can totally understand why some are women-less at this time.  Girls can be horrible people.  You can do what they ask you to and what do they do?  They yell at you for doing what they requested.  Or if you joke around with them they take you literally and throw it back in your face.  If you ever did anything wrong forget about it being forgotten by them.  We may say that it's okay at the time but it never really is.  If something unpleasant occurs again we will always mention it.  Don't get me wrong when girls behave themselves and are good girlfriends they can be fantastic people.  Have you ever gotten in a fight with your girlfriend and lost?  If you have, welcome to the reality of all future relationships haha.  Girls need power!  Crazy power hungry people.... 

I also do not buy the I'm PMSing deal. So what?!  I'm a girl with a boyfriend and we need to learn a little self control with the psycho bitch thing.  It make's them scared of us and we can really hurt them.  I never use that excuse because I think it would be copping out of what I had done.  Guy's deserve better that special time of the month haha.  Either treat them better or build them a separate soundproof room which contains beer, big screen tv, food, and a giant chair that they need not worry about staining or farting all over.  


To the ladies....not all girls are nuts.  This was meant to amuse not to provoke death by curb stomping while wearing stilettos.  


special thanks to Liger8590 for sparking the blog idea. :)

Uploaded 09/06/2008
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