For the record M Wright, Wallboy, and Socialism.

I don't know if I fell victim to the current Old Mod Virus... er, I mean undisclosed bug in the eBaum system. But I do know my comment disappeared. In order to determine the level of governmental oversight, I will repeat and expand my comments regarding Wallboy's Muslim Extremist blog.

You take someone living at the poverty line, unsure of their place in the world, looking for guidance. You tell them there is fame and fortune awaiting them if they serve your cause--a just and good cause--and show them the evidence of your enemy's evils. You take the mass of money you have gotten from people who, by whatever means, donate a fraction of their income to your cause, and buy what you can on the open market in order to defeat your enemy. This poor person then goes out to kill your enemy.

Here's where there's a break between the U.S. and its enemies: if it's the U.S., the brave pilot climbs in his plane, flies at 10,000ft. above, and drops a bomb on a "target" (not the home which it is, not the village, but just--"the target.") He's called a hero and given awards.

If it's the enemy, the cowardly terrorist straps a bomb on his chest and goes where he thinks people will be, (not a strategic target, but solely blameless civilians, of course), and blows himself up. His hope is to be rewarded in the next life with myriad blessings.

The logical break is obvious. What differentiates the two is simply what side they fight for and how much money they can invest in weaponry. The only reason (other than the surprise alloted by their methods) that the Jihadists (for lack of a better term) don't use f-117s is... they can't buy them on the open market!

Any time we start to use labels and rhetoric influence our thinking, everyone involved suffers. The reality is, we complain about how people have to live in this country, and the plight of the Middle Class. WHAT?

There are how many homeless on the street, and we complain that SUVs cost too much to run now. Boo hoo. A bunch of overpaid autoworkers got laid off, and will have to budget to afford their overblown house they got on shady credit and without knowing their responsibilities, and whose fault is it?

I'm not saying there aren't victims here. But I am saying we need to take off our capitalist blinders and realize we've still got it really friekin good here in the U.S. and yet we cry over not having the latest rugs on our floors while people worldwide live on dirt. We need more bells and whistles on our luxury cars while people can't afford a bicycle to get to the sweatshops where they get a few dollars a week to make shoes we then spend hundreds on, just to make Nike and their executives richer.

Keep your eyes open wide. If not, the next terrorists may be your neighbors.

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