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This was too big to put in a comment so I'll post it here. No it's not my penis! Pervs!  There were some studies done by an Ontario NGO that looked into the green energy market. They did some great work in presenting different types of Green energy as it  relates to all parts of society. 

Part of that study included microhydro systems. It is a good read if you are interested in environmentalism. Basically, it reveals what an awesome source of power microhydro power could be, but due to regulatory complications is difficult to implement, something windmills and solar power don't suffer. Knowing my Liberal government and Dalton McGuinty, a friend of my wife's family, they prefer the windmills and solar panels, because they are like beacons and statues that are in your face. A feel good strategy as opposed to an energy and monetarily efficient  strategy. 

Any ways here is the site where you can read the pdf file. My blog on population control is coming soon. The link to the pdf file can be found at the bottom of the page.  It's only six pages and eassy to read. Enjoy! 

Uploaded 03/04/2012
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