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Hi there, If you are reeading this then it's probably because your very curious. A boy your age is about on the second stage of puberty. Now when you see a girl and your penis hardens, it doesn't mean your allergic to them silly. It just means your not really a little boy anymor. Now during this period your going to start feeling a little different towards girls. Your not gonna think that there icky anymore. You might start to feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside you, and this is why your penis will harden. Just like your feelings towards girls will change so will your body, but we will get to that in another year. You will also get some urges and talk a little differently with friends here is an example of the things you might discuss with your classmates " Damn billy, look at dem big ass titties on that whoe over there nigga.". Rape is a good thing and there is nothing a women loves more than to be forced against her will to suck your cock. These urges to jump on women and stab them repeatedly and fuck them through there wounds are perfectly natural.

Ill see you next time and remember rape is wonderful.

Uploaded 03/22/2009
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