forever young

is it possible? if so let me know, because everyday i feel myself growing older and i hate it. im going to be twenty five in nine days. i want to go back to when i was ten, no responsibilities, no worries. ever since i graduated high school i feel like my life has been stuck in fast forward. It's finally starting to slow down but i think it may be too late. I'm not a kid anymore, even though i desperately wish i was, and i need to grow up.


so any advice? i have a kid on the way and have no idea what so ever how to be a dad. I barely know how to be a husband. a good one at least...... i got the new job, i stopped smoking weed, i stopped drinking. God still won't let me catch a break. my car's service engine soon light is constantly on, the roof of my house leaks in twenty different places, and i'm pretty sure that i have an ulcer.


all i want is to be happy, but i can't be.


so let me know if i can be young again.


i'm snuggly and..... i dont know anymore

Uploaded 01/10/2009
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