Forgotten Film Synopses: ROSA

Yes, FFS is back! I've had an uber-busy summer. Between enjoying all the usual sunny-day stuff and working with a huge influx of clients at the center, I simply haven't had the time to come by often. So my apologies for those of us who may have left our readers high and dry with the no-lifers ^__^.

A lot of requests have come in from all kinds of users regarding my recurring Forgotten Film Synopses blogs. Prayer of the Rollerboys, The Great Outdoors, Martyrs, the 'Burbs... some great movies, foreign and domestic. I promise you guys I'll run through everything and pump out some more good FFS - and thanks again for all your praise!

This particular film, however, only clocks in at 9:50. Yet to date, it stands as one of the greatest CGI specialized-genre films in history. Winner of seven major festival awards and celebrated as a top work by media authorities, the barriers of Sci-fi innovation in film are broken down to make way for Jesus Orellanna's film ROSA.


It was strange, imagining a complete CGI makeup of cyber-punk flavor to originate from Spain - but it's here, and unbelievably without a doubt, it truly is one of the most gorgeous and masterful works of graphics and ideology through pun you will have ever seen.

On a post-apocalyptic Earth, it seems nothing is left alive. Skeletons and garbage litter the streets. Dust is swept away with the harsh night winds, left to gather against remains of humans still sitting at massive computer terminals within decaying buildings. It appears as though these structures, as well as electric power, are all that still stand within a giant megalopolis.

A supercomputer scans through a list of names. Although they're mostly not common; some taken from Greek gods and others from exotic plant life: ACACIA, AERVA, NELUM, ORCHIS, QUERCUS, TARAXACUM...

The supercomputer chooses one name: ROSA. A KERNEL-CORP model android, ROSA is summoned from an offline sleep within a coffin-like stasis pod, situated among many others beneath a well-guarded, giant tree.  

She enters a long-abandoned building, perhaps a mechanics factory of some kind. Parts and pieces of android models hang from ceilings, while expressionless faces and discarded limbs are seen solidified into the wall. ROSA approaches a huge, gear-layered door. Yet just as it opens before her, something else seems to be coming online. A LARVAE SERIES XY (male) awakens with glowing red eyes.

As ROSA approaches a small culdesac illuminated by many paper lanterns, the LARVAE SERIES appears. Mirroring his stance from behind ROSA is yet another LARVAE SERIES, a female. She gives an evil smirk just as the male grips ROSA in a one-handed choke-hold.


Looking up toward a rounded glass ceiling, ROSA uses large shards of glass from its breaking as a distraction to kick free. Could it be she somehow willed it to crash? Either way, both LARVAE SERIES commence attack. ROSA's face flashes with determination as we see much of the battle through her anodic vision. Yet she's cut several times by the female LARVAE's massive 2-sided asuma blade, and bleeds red...

Roses blossom from the dead ground before them, sprung from ROSA's blood. In a pivotal moment, the LARVAE femme-fatale leaps toward a bleeding and seemingly weakened ROSA, only to be struck down via imapalement from ROSA's fist. Not smirking anymore, the LARVAE XY brandishes a gun, and fires rapidly at his enemy. ROSA spins and dodges bullets, leaving an overturned gas can open to receive a shot.


ROSA takes her chance and bolts out of the area. LARVAE XY examines his fallen comrade, visibly upset and consumed with rage. He chases her, and chases her, across building roofs and among a plethora of more red paper lanterns, straight into a strange and beautiful cathedral area. ROSA is aghast at the scene before her: fellow models, as identified by the telltale-bleeding-tears effect under the eyes, are dead and encased within plant life all around her. One is entwined within the gnarls of a tree. Another is surrounded by daisies. Still another smothered in orchids.

And from behind her emerges LARVAE XY, pissed off and ready with his firearm. As he takes one point-blank shot, ROSA drops to the ground, more of her blood springing beautiful flowers. A blooming rose is the last object she sees before "LOGGING OFF", a paragon to "The End".

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