Four more days............

A very long time ago women sat around and said "we do all the work in this house and keep things in order so we should have a special day" this became known as Mother's Day!!! I think what actually happened was more like this, husband comes home from working all day for a greeting card business and "honey if you want a brand new car you are going to have to help me sell some cards" NOTHING motivates women like money so that is how Mothers Day came about.


Father's Day started like a lady's auxiliary meeting, lady's we need to do something for our men because  they really do bring home the money and we need to keep them happy and we should give them their very own day but not a whole day just a couple of hours.It can be like ours only we wont make a big deal out of it because we certainly don't want to have to do that thing we do on their birthdays.(married guys know what this is) Lets buy them stuff they will not want and we can take it back and buy ourselves something. Thus begins a repetitive dance that goes on for years, gifts of ties and clothes she knows wont fit and so on.


OK I know this may be one sided but it is close to the truth and I want to help out all of you kids when it comes to buying your Dad a gift and here are few  do"s and a few dont's.

do not: buy your dad something useless like a tie or a talking hanging fish and dont buy him your favorite beer that comes in a five pack.

DO: take the time on his day to let him know how much you appreciate all he does.

do not: wait until the last moment to buy your gift. Who do you think created the last minute gift anyway? Believe me we know.

Do: Turn your music down a little and do what you are asked at least on this one day.

do not: act as if you have other places to be.

Do: put some time aside for just you and him, even if he acts like he doesn't want to put you out. He will notice and the next day at work he will be bragging all about you to his friends.

do not: argue, fuss, or fight with him or your brothers and sisters. You would be surprised at how much we Dad's like a little peace and quiet.

Finally Do: something nice for a gift, like burn him a personal CD or write a nice note on your damn cheap card. BTW knowing you didn't blow a lot of money on his gift will be such a bonus to ANYTHING you give him.


I got the idea for this topic during a conversation I had with my old lady.... I had tried to make some plans to do something two days PRIOR to her birthday and she said quote "what about my birthday weekend?"    WEEKEND????? IT is called birthDAY not birthDAYS When does it end? WHEN DO US MEN GET OURS?????????


Hey ladies stop making your men jump through hoops before you will have sex with them, it takes years for some young guys to find out you want it as much as they do. This would be a great gift.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Bohank





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