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Hi, I'm Freako!  After taking just two semesters of Psychology they gave me a PhD. I'm the famous Ebaumsworld therapist. Today we're helping a troubled man. He's suffered a lot. I want to make him suffer more.  I love to strap on my leather and stilettos and snap my riding crop.

I want to make men grovel and obey my commands.  I just love calling men names and making them say, "Please Mistress, give me more!"  I have my imaginary husband locked in the closet right now begging to be let free.

I have determined that Tomlet has NeedsMrsFreakoMeanitis and needs me to punish him.
Here's how I diagnosed his condition, based on his blogs:

*insert almost any of Tomlet's faggot-ass whimper blogs*

There's good news, Tomlet.  You can be my latest slave.  Now, do as I say.

You can improve in just 5 quick steps, because I've made a special program for you because looking at you makes me cream in my MrsFreakoJeans.  No need to thank me, I'm a philanthropist.

1. Go to the mirror and start shouting "Beefcake! I can do it! Beeeefcaaaaake!!!"  Yes, I LOVE to be called BEEEEFFFCAAAAKE!!!  Say it again!  Say it right or I'll smack you with my riding crop!

2. Stop telling people about your stupid ass wife.  It makes me jealous!  Don't tell people about the money your wife spends.  Give that money to me!

3. When you're around Lisa, remember to say the phrase "I'm a bad Mo-Fo" as many times as possible, then bring her to me so she can be my slave, too.

4. Get a better lawyer.  I want you to take all the money you can get from her and give it to me!

5. Let the wife keep the kids.  I don't want to have to put up with little snot nosed brats.  I hate children because they get in the way of my sex games.  She makes enough to take care of them.

6. Don't whine about anything or I'll shove my knee into your groin. Suck it up, slave.

7. Eat spicy food. I like the way it burns when you lick me afterward.

8. Buy a gun. By gun, I mean a huge black dildo. You'll feel like a tough guy when I command you to force it into me.

That's enough for today's session

That will be $500
Uploaded 05/31/2011
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