Free to Prioritize Hypocrisy

You know it is kind of funny what some people prioritize in their lives.  I was recently debating with some folks about drugs and the drug war.  Inevitably someone stated if all drugs were legalized that would solve the drug problem here in America and I of course disagreed.  With my disagreement I was accused of not being in favor of freedom and of course I asked what was meant by that and it was explained to me; freedom to do what you want to your body.  So, I thought about it for a moment and replied with "I don't care what kind of horsecrap you want to put into your body, you have free will to make piss poor choices and destroy your body, you do not need the government to regulate that for you."  The response was, "Then drugs should be legal."

Well, then I moved away from the drug topic, because it really got me thinking about freedom, freewill and priorities.  In fact, I kind of got a little irritated about the whole thing due to the hypocrisy floating around.  There are advocates who feel all drugs or at least marijuana should be legal or decriminalized, yet many of these same folks have no problems with laws and ordinances being passed that limit ones freedoms that affect everyday life.  Let's look at reality here for a second, most drugs especially the hardcore street drugs, such as heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, crack cocaine, PCP, etc. are nothing but poison to a person's body.  Yet many feel they should have the right to take these drugs and have the freedom to do what they want to their bodies.  I mean these drug advocates file petitions, write to their congressmen and do all sorts of things to try to get drugs legalized.  It is all about freedom.  Well where are these people when places like Santa Clara County, CA ban the sale of Happy Meals at McDonalds?  How about New York City and Boston banning trans fats in restaurants?  In fact Boston is tossing around the idea of banning the sale of pop in public buildings.  COME ON!!!!!!!!  "Oh but you dont understand these things are bad for your body and we the government need to protect the people who are not smart enough to stop eating fatty food and drinking soft drinks."  I am not allowed to slowly clog my arteries eating greasy burgers, pizza or a juicy Philly cheese steak sandwich, but we sure as hell hope that someday you can fill your veins full of crap made in a meth lab.  If people want the freedom to do what they want to their bodies then let us do away with seatbelt laws and helmet laws.  I want to brew my own moonshine and drink myself to death.  I should be able to commit suicide and not be forced to go to the hospital if I try and fail.  HOLY SHIT!!!!!  There are communities that are banning the sale of bottled water in stores.  You can smoke your weed but you can't run out and buy a bunch of junk food to satisfy your munchies because junk food is bad for your body.  Pot on the other hand does a body good; well at least it makes the body feel good, right?

You know if we truly want to be a society where we have the total freedom to do what we want to our own bodies then people need to wake up and realize what is happening before you're not able to smoke cigarettes in your own home.  Wait a minute, too late already happened.  Some people want a drug utopia, but do not want others to fly the American flag, because it might offend someone. You cannot have a Christmas tree it has to be a holiday tree and don't even think about letting your kids play tag at school and don't keep score at a little league baseball game or cheer for your child at a Pop Warner football game.  You might hurt someones feelings.  HOSRSECRAP!!!!!


Uploaded 09/28/2010
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