Freedom Of Speech

It's amazing that when it comes for freedom of speech, it's usually the muslims who get butt hurt about somebody criticising them. You can clearly see that when people attack their pedophile (you can't argue with the facts, he married a 9 year old) prophet. But what happened in Russia recently is either a bad joke, or the nation is rules by retards.

Apparently, YouTube is going to be blocked in Russia, unless Google forbids the uploading of the movie "Innocence Of The Muslims." Why? Because apparently there's a lot of Muslims living in Russia. But why would they censor the movie or even go as far to forbid it on YouTube? It's because the Muslims don't want the world to know that their, um... religion is an atrocity.

Everybody who looked up what Islam is knows that it was started by Muhammed, who is claimed to be the Muslim prophet. He forced his religion onto people as a tyrant hundreds of years ago onto his people. It's amazing that such a thing like Islam has a place in the civilised world and is treated seriously. A religion that oppresses women, gives the families the right to kill somebody for dishonoring it or allows the acts of pedophilia.

Currently, the Muslims are doing what they are known for. They're terrorising people that if a clip isn't taken down from YouTube, they're going to blacklist YouTube in Russia. Perhaps the civilised world should blacklist Islam?

By the way, the film is hilarious. You can watch it below.

Uploaded 09/19/2012
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