Friday, Friday! Everybody's Looking Forward To The Weekend!

It's well known that real talent is recognized almost instantly and whenever a new star is born, that person will become famous and loved by millions or even billions. It happened with Kanye. Same thing with Ke$ha. The incredibly talented Justin Bieber's movie just came out (maybe I'll write a review blog soon), proving how much he's appreciated all over the world. But there's a girl who became a celebrity in a few weeks. All because of her incredible vocal skill and beautiful articulation. More than that - she's only 13, so it's even more impressive. She's younger than Justin.

Artists around the world have already made remixes and covers of her song. I'll post some of the most popular ones. But first, here's the original.

The "I'm 13 Years Old And Driving" version:

The Death Metal Version:

The Kyle Cease Version (thanks to FrogsLady for this one):

And, of course, The PiPi version:

Share your opinions about the marvelous new artist in the comments. Do you think she's awesome? Or do you hate Rebecca Black because you're a hateful faggot who can't recognize real talent? Feel free to say what's on your mind, nobody's gonna attack you for your opinion.
Uploaded 03/26/2011
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