Yesterday my dad was having some guys come from out of town on business, told me to get out of the house. He gave me few hundred dollars to go out with some friends and party. We picked up some booze and all drove to the beach. I phoned my bitch and told her to meet me there and not bring her stupid whiney fucking friends. What does the bitch do, she fucking brings them. Was aight so my boys could have some girls to fuck, worst part was she brought this stupid fat fucking bitch who i hate so much. So we all meet up in the parking lot next to the beach, they all come over surround my fucking car. All the bitches know me from around here, me and my boys are pretty much famous. i see my girl come up to my car, i'm giving the bitch a dirty look because of how fuckign dumb she was bringing that fat cow bitch with her.

cars still running, the fat bitch leans on my car so i reversed and ran over her toes, she fucking screamed like a little bitch. I said fuck it, left and called the boys telling them were going somewhere else.


Ended up hitting a club instead, Ended up fucking 2 of them that night, christmas came early for these bitches.

Uploaded 05/10/2008
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