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Im sure everyone has had a moment where they look back and think to themselves - " wow  i'll never forget that "

sometimes those moments are good but sometimes they can be negative.

im lucky to say that most of those moments in my memories happen to be of great moments but I do have a share  of negative ones too

its crazy how life works but i think that if a persons life is constantly good than that person will never truly appreciate those wow moments

those sad moments is what makes every person stronger and i dont think it stops there but i think they also shape who you become

theres a reason why everyone says ' listen to your elders '

its because they have been through a lot and those times both good and bad made them wiser

i dont consider myself old by any means but i do consider myself older and i can already tell how differently i look at things than i did just a few short years ago

a lot of my past and present friendships shaped me in so many ways

i learned that not all people are good , some are there to hurt you , some dont want you to succeed, some are just using you for whatever reason is beneficial to them .

i learned that love ( that for a bf or a friend) doesnt conquer all

and that sometimes even if you tell the truth it doesnt matter. i really was naive when i was a  teenager . my friendships were the most important things in my life and i would have done anything for some of those people. these people were just and sometimes even more important to me than my own family . i just wanted to spend time with them , not my family

and i truly believed they all  loved me just as i loved them and that they would never do anything to hurt me . i had no idea people could be so evil . but now as i look back i find it peaceful that it doesnt bother me anymore that because of those people i have learned some lessons which i will never forget as long as i live. i have a few close friendships now - but i find myself always being alert - well maybe that not the perfect word - more like cautious and i realized im not as open with people as i once was.

most of all i learned that the only people who you can truly trust in is your family . i really took my family for granted when i was a teenager and i know i put them through a lot with my partying ways. but they always stuck through with me , never  stopped believing in  me

and today we have rebuild our relationship and are very close. i even consider my mother a close friend and sometimes we talk for hours - which would be unimaginable as a teen . i swear my rant has a purpose . i just wanted to say that no matter what you always stick with your family because there is nothing closer than that , you might not always get along with them , yes they might even annoy the hell out of you from time to time , but in the end they will be the only ones who will have your back when times get really tough . and no ones life is made up of roses and unicorns meaning they might truly be handy one day lol

Now i know that not everyone has wonderful relationships with their family .even though nothing should come in between family unfortunately sometimes families become estranged . trust me i kno a few people whos family is crazy. i quess not everyone can be normal there are people out there who will push their children or parents completely away. i dont kno if these people ever look back and realize what they have done i cant answer that question

i quess what im trying to say is if you are lucky and your family truly cares for you than appreciate it and show them you truly care. theres nothing closer than family .show them love while you can.

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