Friends Suck...

Friends can be good and they can also suck.

I would like to say I like all my friends and their all there for me but no-one is perfect.

For example I have a friend who lives just down the street. He claims to be my best friend.

I got the response well hang out once I leave my gfs house or ill call you when I get home.

Did he call? No.

Did we hang out? No.

I text him later no response, but when he or his girl needs a ride he seems to be able to answer his phone. Fucking douche-bag. WTF? Really?

Hell ask for a ride when I'm an 30 45 minute ride (depending on traffic) away at college and Ill do it because Im nice and I know he doesnt have a car. But I text him and WTF! No answer..I dont fucking get it, piece of shit.

All he does is go to school and hang out with his girl. I get their in love and all that bs but she is his life and I came up with a new (atleast I think it is) term to describe him:


He may have reasons to not want to go home, Ill give him that. But he dosent go to anyone for help but his gf.

I don't understand people. I try an be a nice person, and I try to not ask for a lot. All I ask for is some time to chill, thats all. Is that so much?

Uploaded 09/24/2009
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