Friggin' Cheap Ass Martin!

Damn!  Corporations are penny pinching so much that Martin can't even give you a separate sleeve for each string.  Instead, they double up strings in the packets.  To make matters worse, they put the strings in the wrong packets in this box I bought and I didn't notice until I had clipped the excess off of one of the wrong strings so that it wouldn't reach where it was supposed to go once I discovered their error and got to the third string I was changing.  I THOUGHT the 5th string looked a little thin, but I had never tried Martin's extra light strings before, so I wasn't sure.  When I started stringing the 4th string, I noticed that it was thicker than the 5th, but when I tried to correct it, I realized that the string was now too short.  I guess the lesson in this is not to trim your strings until you have them all on because Martin seems to have crappy quality control.  Now I'll have to drive another 66 mile round trip just for a set of strings.

Uploaded 05/11/2011
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