Frigging bullies

 I used to be one of the die hard Republicans  you see today but I just dont remember being a bully. I really take offence to these "Conservatives" who talk of God being on their side, I mean he has to be doesn't he? They want prayer in schools and are against birth control and abortion. The thing is I personally like the idea of a few minutes a day put aside to worship if you want ,or play games if you don't. It really becomes personal time but we cant have a God label on it because that is bad. Now if you read my statement you may notice it splits the issue down the middle and that is bad too we cant all get what we want that would be .... common sense. I also find myself getting so angry when I hear this statement " I dont want my tax dollars used to pay for abortions" GET OVER IT!!! I personally dont like my tax dollars used to buy bombs but hey it is not always about me. What a bunch of sanctimonious  verse choosing Christians  these people are.
OK now here is the one that just makes my blood boil, I am Christian and I have read my bible and all of you political people who hide behind "my God" as a shield to your inability to do what is best for the majority, the FACT! not an idea but a plain simple Christian FACT! is nowhere in the bible does it say to help the rich get richer on the backs of the poor people. NOWHERE! However Jesus teaches us to have charity for people and to take care of the poor. The thing is you guys know it and healthcare for everybody would do exactly that but then we would take billions out of the hands of Insurance companies and start poor people. Oh yea by the way YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE 1%
I am sure it wont matter but i wanted to say this and one more thing this is NOT NOT NOT a discussion on the exisistence of God. it is a discussion on the hatred and bullying of poor people in the name of the most compassionate man who ever walked this earth. When people set this bad example of God with their inability to have common decency toward their fellow man and the sign carrying so called Christians it makes me not believe in God but then again I know they arent talking about my God.
Thanks for reading Bohank
Uploaded 04/22/2012
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