From Fatjeans, with love

mrfatjeans:*Walks into the city's Main Street bank. It's a monday afternoon and the busy line-up extends right to my first step into the door... I donât sigh impatiently, unlike most of you butthert weaklings would. 

Behind the mask of my stealth black sunglasses, I view a perfect, tight ass on the hot, slim young blonde, right in front of me. 
She looks back at me like a virgin wanting to take it doggy style for the first stroke. She's licking her luscious lips uncontrollably and looking deep into my shades for some sign of fucks to come.. 
None are given. 
Her natural whore instincts are overriding everything. She is eye fucking me hard so I give her a quick Good Guy Greg smile and innocently look down at her big natural, firm and busty tits. Good Guy Greg morphs into maximum troll face, for a flash instant only noticed by me. 

In a memorized state she unbuttons her blouse down a button and fully presents her bare double d cleavage, wrapped in a red lacey bra, for me to enjoy. With a stone cold poker face, I look away without interest. This prevents her from jumping on me and straddling my cock like she was thinking.

I reach into the jacket pocket of my $50k Armani suit for the daily $800k paycheck I came to deposit. Through my shades I peak down to her thigh high business skirt, displaying her flawless, smooth ballerina legs. She slowly thrusts her desperate anus right on to my cock. She dry humps me me once, thoroughly for her own personal satisfaction. She blatantly had no fucks to spare for anything but my mighty cock. I donât think she could control it. 
She smiled and was claiming her clumsy loss of balance on her new high heels. I gave her a condescending Wonka. The heels actually made her pussy right at cock level and positioned perfectly, like my cock was being waved into the runway by mission control, and they were looking forward to turbulent landing. 

Through my excellent peripheral vision I have been watching you fuming increasingly with envy. We know each other through work. You're a janitor in the lobby of the skyscraper that I own. 

You have always shamelessly idolized me like a superhero. I heard that you often speak highly of me to everyone at work, bragging about meeting me a few times. I recently upgraded your salary and benefits dramatically to allow you to get the life saving back surgery you needed. 

I'm well known as a revolutionary business mogul in a bustling city of millions. My skyscraper is the most luxurious hotel and arena in the heart of the cities entertainment center. 

I recall and recognize that you once showed me a picture of the sexy chick trying to fuck me right meow. You told me she was a really good friend of yours. 

I smiled thinking you cut it out of a magazine and were having delusions. I assumed that you were trying to be funny or possibly in need of psychological assessment. 

You eagerly divulged to me that she is your best and only friend, and really makes your life so much better than it was without her. you were clearly madly in love with her. I vividly remember how gitty with joy you were the day you told me you overheard her friend, making fun of her, because shes a virgin. 

I also remember that conversation with a unsettling realization by you that in reality she probably considers you a mentally defunct person. You confessed that she is helping teach you how to read at the free learning center. You ranted that she has you beyond the friend zone, into pet status, a rescue to be exact.

Meanwhile I don't even flinch or acknowledge the extreme sexual gesture. 

I pull out my phone as the first ring just as it makes a sound. I'm immediately immersed into an urgent business tycoon status business call.. I calmly and confidently start talking million dollar stocks without giving a fuck who hears.. A complete disregard to the astronomically inferior wealth to anyone else in ear shot. 
I buy and sell thousand's of acre's of prime and lush, organic orange orchard's. On that sunny brisk afternoon, within the most profitable 60 seconds in ever recorded, I flipped for profits in the 9 figure range. I hangup and electronically sign confirmation of the deal on my phone. 

A silence caused by the racing minds of all the innocent bystanders thinking about 1 thing; how my life must be a permanent adrenaline pumping orgasm. I literally hear your sexy friend's virgin pussy cream.

I hear your heart fall deep into your stomache.. Whistling like a turd hurled into a well furiously! Free Falling deeper and deeper.. approaching the depths of hell. Your eyes burning with flames of veins rising into complete red bloodshot fury! You are trapped in a paralyzing state of shock and anxiety. 

..Slowly everyone stops dreaming of my grandeur and snaps back to reality. They all begin to pretend to be busy by diddling through old texts, rummaging aimlessly through purses, fake reading advertisements on the walls, etc.. Through the corner of their eyes they all attentively watch for my next flawless move.

I nonchalantly put my headphones in and start listening to some reggae music on my deluxe edition ipod. Suddenly everyone in line, gtfo my path. It was like a freeway respectfully and urgently parting for a firetruck coming in hot pursuit to save the day. I confidently walk to the front desk teller and say, take me to the vault please. 

By now Youâve gone momentarily deaf with shock.. You hear nothing but the deep, resounding, bass-infused, echo of a prison door slamming on your whole life. Your knees even buckle with weakness and you fall flat on your bitch ass. You look up at me, with your jaw dropped, in a red eyed stooper. You stare completely lost at my custom cosmonaut edition Versace sunglasses, but see only blackness. 

You get back to your feet with the assistance of your filthy fucking mop. You involuntarily begin to follow me.. You feel nothing, everything is numb.. 
You hear a murmured, perky, greeting from your hot friend blare into your consciousness, like a high pitched ambulance siren.. 
You pause and recall once telling your friend that you were a manager at a supermarket, and how you lied about being a scummy fucking janitor.. 
You look down and realize that youre wearing your filthy garbage juice stained jumpsuit hauling a trash station..
You look at her and can see that she knows you lied and she looks away from the disgracefully awkward situation. 
You smirk slightly, through your, defeated and pathetic, demeanor.. You think to yourself that its just the cherry on top of the whole shit cake. 
You shiver when you come back to the sobering realization that i'm going to be popping that cherry of her's within the hour.
That brief and minimal smirk is damned to the depths of hell for eternity⦠You cringe momentarily as a result of the shame and self hatred and move further than ever from your sense of reality.. Youre becoming completely pale, you havenât even take a single breath since she rubbed her anus on me.. 

You peek your irrational head through the grand entrance of the vault room. 

Me and the teller are each enjoying a 25k Cuban rolled, 100% pure THC purple marijuana cigar laced with the purest cocaine that I had stashed in my security deposit box in the past.. 

Your bloodshot eyes burn in the potent smoke cloud that hides me and the teller.. You see something bright behind the clouds.. you squint through the watery distorted vision and realize that it's me. 

As I step forward, your already aching eyes are blinded! 

The lights gleam off the pure gold medieval armor that I just took out of storage and tried on. 

I say hello and explain that I was about to go deliver it to a customer who bought it at auction for a quadruple return on my initial investment of multimillions. 

You scream in pain from your tortured eyes and then howl like a bitch to the ceiling as you fall to your knees.. You make yourself sick focusing on how unfair and cruel your life is..

I promptly finish the entire cigar in one massive inhale and blow a powerful 90 mph gusting cloud of premium smoke at your defeated presentation to the room.. you fall back like youâve been pushed to the ground by a poltergeist!

Youre now shaking in fear as you see me walk up to you in my exquisite battle armor. I pick you up off the ground with a one handed power grip on the front of your collar.. Your feet are flailing a foot off the ground. Your eyes are now inflamed to the extent of appearing as small tomatoes.

You are tearing blood down your fat face as u beg for forgiveness. 
Unfortunately she sneezes and you realize that the hot blonde girl has been in the doorway of the vault along with everyone else behind her, watching your pathetic display of cowardess.. 

You begin to cry as loud as you can! Everyone can hear the pain that fills every part of your hollow bag of skin. 

I put you down on to the floor gently. 

You're unharmed and assessing your completion of free fall to rock bottom. You begin to kiss the floor like a man with a second chance at life. You crawl up to me wide eyed and smiling bigger than ever before, thanking me and trying to shake my hand.

I put the sole of my golden armored boot to your underdeveloped pathetic excuse for a chest and push you back down to your ass! 

You scurry backwards quickly and fearfully.. you feel the back of your head hit the vault wall! 
You knock yourself into a coma for a decade.. 

My black shining stead gallops into the vault majestically. It stands up triumphantly on it's hind legs, and neighs in honor of its master!!

Everyone applauds dramatically as the blonde slut runs to my side..
I grab a handful of that great ass and launch her on to the bitch seat of my horse with one solid swoop.
I do a 2 step wallrun backflip off the vault wall and on to my horse and ride away to a celebratory feast and sexual conquest. The paramedics give me a thumbs up as they rush past me to collect your remains.
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