From Straight G To Romantic Pimp ..

Okay .. Tyaeda .. I just wanted to let you know .. you're the only Average Bitch I had feelings for .. we could've been together and smoked fat blunts of the shitty american haze while making out on my yacht .. I never actually Kissed a girl before though .. Dont call me pathetic .. I just went straight to the fucking .. none of that half time bs .. So all im saying Tyaeda is I'll be thinking bout u .


Ps .. Fuck you Warlock .. My Name Is Warlock And I Type Flawlessly cause i have my Spell Check 2010 .. You're a Fuckin JOKEEEE .. I smoke Motha Fuckas like you On the Hood Front!! .. Come at me i aint Swinging Fista Im Cappin Bullets .. Fuck you and yo motha fuckin mama .. Peace Bitch.


Pss .. Tyaeda this poem is for you ..  Roses Are Red Voilets Are Blue Im A Gangsta Motha Fucka That Wants To Fuck You .. - Davee420 <3


Psss .. Anybody Lookin For that Strawberry Kush .. That Apple Berry Grandma Bud .. That Green Daddy Sore Thumb Shit Bud .. That Pinaapple Inferno SHit .. That Motha Fuckin Tiwsted Frog Bud Shit .. I GOT IT ALL ..


Pssss .. Oh Yeah .. Btw .. I have them Oxy's Them Blues .. Them Peaches .. Them Percs .. Those E Pills That Make U Wanna Dance All Over My Hot Bodddd .. Yeah I Got Them ..

Dave420 OUT

Uploaded 01/03/2010
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