From the soul

A candle flickers softly, Somewhere out in space, Shedding light upon the world, Yet I am held in darkness's embrace, I struggle to break free, Of the chains that bind me to this life, Yet I am bound forever, To walk in endless strife, My emotions flood around me, Swallowing me in their depths, Yet my heart's an empty shell, There is no feeling left, My body is numb with the pain, Of endless indecision, I don't know what's right or wrong, I don't what I'm missing, I walk only to be lost, In the changes that come, While everyone else finds their way, In the cold that leaves me numb, I seem to be always alone, No one there to whom I can confide, I'm trapped in this pain, But it's the only place I can hide, I want to run free, To laugh and dance and sing, Yet my life is not my own, I'm bound on puppet strings, I try to make every one happy, Because I love to see them smile, Yet nothing goes right, It backs fires with every trial, The pain I feel is brought on by me, It's only in my mind, But why does it seem, Pain in my heart is what I find, I guess I'm just delirious, No one else feels this way, But I just wish... Things could go right for just one day, A day when every one smiles, When pain is never felt, A day for joy and for life, When death is never dealt, But that day will not come, Because all I can do is cry, Hoping my pain will melt away, Or that I would die.

Uploaded 03/03/2010
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