From the Windows to the Walls

Until the sweat drips down my balls. Or if your a lady, lady balls. This saying makes me think of work. Work  makes me balls sweaty. My sweaty balls make me think of you guys. So I want to ask you, What do you do for work? If you don't want to give out your employment position then share with us what you would really like to be doing for work.

We all know Phylisio works in a market as a cigarette smoker, but she really wants to write the next Vagina Monologues or 50 Shades of Gray. And our dear Dangle, he is a renovator. I am pretty sure Mr. Coolguy sells jeans and dashcams to all of his fellow Russians. Thank you for that, Mr. Coolguy. It has been rumored that Frogbob is a fluffer for gay porno. Personally I think he is a bit under qualified for that job but to each his own. Here is a picture of what I think Dangle is working on now.

As you can see he is very busy.

Here is Mr. Coolguy. I told him to fill up the car. You are doing it wrong, Mr.Coolguy.

I caught a glimpse of what Frogbob does at work. I think he actually does a good job. He is way better than I thought he would be.

So any way, I am a man of many hats. I work and get shit done, that is how I do it. I farm, I wait tables, I cook high quality meth. On top of that I am a father. All this leaves me almost no time for my wife, my mistress and my girlfriend. If they knew about each other I could almost be mormon. But nobody wants to be Mormon. Please share or leave a rude insulting comment instead. I love you all from the bottom of my nutsack.:)

Uploaded 11/28/2012
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