hello fello ebaumers, its been awhile since ive blogged, though i make sure to troll the comment section regularly. ive had an interesting week, and by interesting i mean im seriously considering driving north to san francisco and fire bombing the offices of craigslist. let me tell you why...

for those of you that know me, i own an escort agency. now before tyaeda gets all uppety and bitchy let me explain the term. in my business, the word 'escort' describes a woman spending TIME with someone for money, not SEX. i basically send strippers to do bachelor parties, birthday parties, one on ones, things of that nature. basically i provide a strip club experience in the comfort of your own hotel room.

 well before the economy took a shit business was good. i mean, real good... i basically wanted for nothing and was making up things to spend my money on. things were going pretty good for sindicate. with the high influx of money, came the ability of agencies to spend more money on advertising. it wasnt uncommon for a company to spend 10,000 on print ads a month alone. then as the economy went to hell, money for advertising became sparce too. agency owners and independent girls alike began looking for different venues for their ads. enter craigslist, a well known classifieds website that posted ads for free. yay! i like free. so off we went advertising like crazy on a free classified website, the savings on ads offsetting the loss of business the economy had inflicted upon us.

 before too long however, craigslist began taking heat for the ads it was posting. authorities and watchdog groups began hounding craigslist and demanding it take responsibility for the prostitution and child sex ads supposedly being posted. thanks to the communications decency act, craigslist enjoyed a safe harbor from any legal action. however eventually the pressure from public opinion swayed craigslist to screen ads that were being posted. let me tell you: 1st off i have been in this business for 10 yrs now. and while their may be a minority of underage working girls out there, they are few and far between. they tend to stick to back alley blowjobs and travel from truck stop to truckstop because their pimps know the sever ass raping theyll take by our legal system if caught. rarely would they put ads on craigslist because its known to attract alot of heat from the cops. now dont get me wrong, id be the first in line to cut the cock off someone pimping a 14 yr old girl, but the truth is they arent that common in the online escort world despite what attorney generals would have you believe.

 2nd their is no real way for craigslist to filter out illegal activity. why you ask? because all they can do is screen ads for offers for illegal services. its easy enough to use vague wording to skirt around the issue and get your ad posted anyway. craigslist shouldnt be held liable for the content of a third party ad because they lack the ability to police what happens in the real world when an ad is answered however now they appear to have given up the fight. last week they removed their adult services tab and replaced it with a black 'censored' bar. at first i though this was a temporay but public 'fuck you' to the attorney generals trying to censor craigslist first ammendment rights. after all, who in their right mind would give up a section of their website that generates 36 million a year while they remain legally protected?

 that doesnt seem to be the case though since they have made no public statement, and earlier tonight removed the adult services section completely. by doing this have they stemmed the tide of prostitution and illegal child sex trafficking? not at all. as long as theyres a demand for it, theyll be an equal supply. all theyve done is give the legitimate and legal businesses in this trade a kick in the ass that we didnt need in the current economic climate.

 to believe that theyve stopped prostitution in any way by this move is utterly retarded. why then did the 17 attorney generals take this stand and write a strongly worded letter to craigslist(pussies)? so they can appear to take a tough stance on prostitution without actually taking a tough stance against prostitution. its political grandstanding. well fuck you attorney generals, fuck you right in your stupid asses. i bet every one of you cocksuckers has gotten a hooker at one time in your life. but i bet none of you got that hooker from craigslist. so thanks for the financial assfucking. while the real hookers will inevitably just go back to working corners, us legitimate business owners are screwed. i have employees with limited education and resources that still need to provide for their families. what am i supposed to tell them? how are they supposed to continue to feed their families now? i hope you die in a fucking fire, you hypocritical dick heads...

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