Fuck Dr Phil

I was watching the late George Carlin's last special 'it's bad for ya' and he started it by saying 'fuck lance armstrong'. And this inspired me to do a little something called...

FUCK CARLOS MENCIA - For everyone who doesnt know him, he's a Latino comedian who is just not funny. He sounds less like a comedian and more like an ignorant preacher. And he's the only comdian who can steal other comedian's jokes, put it on his crappy show on Comedy Central and get away with it. And we musnt forget that his real name is Ned Holness, and he's not Mexican.

FUCK DR. PHIL - Fuck him and his bald head - he really gets on my nerves. Fuck that con artist. Dr Phil isnt unbelievably talented - anyone with common sense can solve the issues Dr Phil's guests whine about. The ppl who come on Dr Phil need to be told to get real and shut the fuck up. I know very well that you can't solve months, maybe years of conflict b/w two ppl in twenty minutes - come on ppl! He also exploited his fame to promote a weight loss program of his own (which he doesn't use), diet chocolate bars (which he doesn't use), and the notorious bailing of a teen who deserved to be in jail.

FUCK SOULJA BOY - Fuck him and fuck anyone who's a blind fan of him. Ice-T dissed him and i salute him for that. He's not a rapper, what he does isnt called hip-hop. And he walks around like he's a legendary hip-hop artist. He killed everything that Dr Dre, Notorious B.I.G., 2PAC and Eminem fought for. Fuck him.

"It's all bullshit, folks, and it's bad for ya" - R.I.P. Carlin 

Uploaded 07/25/2008
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