Fuck France

siding with Angry Jerk on this one.

I live in Ontario, Canada and of course Canada is a bilingual country, it’s not really a bad thing but now I fucking hate it. In my Food Nutrition class (I’m in grade 10 for those of you who don’t know) We have 3 French exchange students, Ok not a bad thing bring a little more culture into the class. A couple days ago we got put into groups of three to do a little mini project, My friend Gavin and I got put into a group with one of the frenchies margoux ( pronounced margot?!?!?!?) And you would think that if you were going over to a strange country you would try and learn the language, But not this chick knew about as much English as I know how to perform an abortion.

And we are being made to learn these peoples language!. Throughout the entire class I would try and speak a little French to her to make it easier for her but we get taught Quebequios or however you spell it, But even then its just slang. But she just sat there the entire time shrugging at every question, I could have asked her what her name was and she would have shrugged. Why the fuck do you go over to a different country and NOT expect to have to speak the language....fuck the chick pisses me off so hardcore....she also has a mole above her lip that I can stop staring at.....its like a solar eclipse, You shouldn’t look directly at it but you just cant help yourself!


Uploaded 09/15/2008
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