Fuck it I'll write a blog

So fuck the internet. It's too addicting. I have shit to do but the only thing I want to do is watch all the videos I possibly can on ebaumsworld. I use to watch all the new featured videos before today but something was special about today that made me register an account on this site. So what was so special about today, I slept in and missed my statistics class. It has been a long goddamn week and I needed a break. There is no reason for me to be here right now. My rational mind has flown out the window and all I have is the part of me that needs to watch sick, twisted shit on the internet. Boobs and watching people hurt themselves has filled the void in my life right now. I'm a senior in college working on a music education degree and ebaumsworld is the place I can use to unwind all this crazy pent up aggression and stress and just let go of the usual world I live in. Don't get me wrong, I love my life but the internet is the most liberating place ever. It's pretty much a lawless territory where anything can be seen or experienced. A normal person would probably play video games to kill time and I would except I have my heart set on Fallout New Vegas coming out. Nothing will do it for me. This game is all that I have to think about in the near future. I have signed up to ebaumsworld to hopefully distract myself for the next couple of weeks. I apologize if this isn't what people are looking forward to reading in a blog on ebaumsworld but hey it's my first time popping my blogging cherry. I'll do better next time. Anyway I'm really tired from doing nothing all day so until next time people.
Uploaded 10/07/2010
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