Fuck it's been a while

  It has, it really has been a while since I have ever felt the desire to write a blog here anymore. I'd like to say I've moved on to bigger and better things... Ok I will. Because I have, and every time I drop in here again I feel more resolved that I don't care about this blog section anymore.  All the embedded videos, THIS GAY ASS MUSIC... and childish, "(insert name here) is a homo fag and I'm going to dedicate this blog to how much I hate them, see here is our chat history".... Are you fucking kidding me? When is the last time a real discussion has ever happened here? These blogs have gone downhill.  That's why I'm saying goodbye. Officially. At least to anyone that still knows me here, which I can see is few. 

So, after having said that.... why do YOU stay here. What attraction or addiction pulls you to this site? This blog section? Why do you come here everyday/other day/once a week/..? I'm curious to hear some honest answers. Anything from "I dunno, habit I guess." to "I get off by pnwing trolls! LULZ"  Whatever, I really am generally curious. 
The floor is yours, I'll be here till closing. Which is the end of the day, then I'll be here no more. Which is only slightly less than how much I'm here as of late. 

Uploaded 09/07/2011
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