fuck libya part 2

Okay now that the anger of us deciding to fuck up Ghadafi is over. I think I came off as wrong at first. First of all, I feel for the people wanting to kick that tyrant out He's killing innocents even after they declared a cease fire. What the fuck is wrong with this man.

What happened to the word of honor. Like fighting for instance. In the old days, people would fight with swords in the street. The winner would be decided by who cut the ear off the other man. Then the fight was over. In the old west you never shot a man in the back or kicked a man when he was laying hopeless on the ground. Now? You knock a dude on the floor and you keep kicking, because you can't trust he wont get up and start fighting again. Honor is dead.

I don't know where I heard/read this, maybe one of you can confirm or deny this, America was the ones who put Ghadafi in power in the first place. Conspiracies aside I could have sword I read or heard this somewhere. Just like we pretty much put Castro in power. Yah, we funded that whole rebellion. Stupid. Stupid, stupid stupid. I wish we would stop getting involved with the world, but it's an unfortunate fact that if we don't, they will get involved with us. I just wish we knew when a good time to pull out is. I will leave with a quote from a great general and leader, gentleman and scholar. General George Patton said, and this is unquoted because it's not word for word, it's better to have a bad plan then no plan at all.

Uploaded 03/20/2011
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