Fuck knee

   Well this past july 25th my buddies came up to the farm to spend the weekend partying it up. i was fine with that, had some booze some ladies, the whole works to a good time. well just bout the time we was gettin ready to really kick off the night, they all get the idea of goin to a campground and party there. well needless to say i had spent the night there the night before partyin with the gf and her family/friends, and i really didnt want to go back there for a second night. but after a half hour of debating this with the guys, i just wanted to get drunk and the easiest way for that to happen was to just agree and go to the damn campground. just as we get there my buddies realizes he forgot the limes for the southern comfort (agreed hes a pussy and cant do it straight), luckily for me i live in a small town, and walmart is just down the hill, literally just down the grassy hill from the campground. so i get my drink and we all decided to go for a quick walk to get the limes. walkin down this hill in constuction boots wasnt the easiest thing, every couple of steps id slide a foot or two. there was a slight rain that had happened just before nightfall. all of a sudden my buddy gets this great idea to ski down this hill, like a dumbass i whole heartedly agreed. he went first and made it down all the way, now its my turn. well i was already down the hill so i had to run back up it. you know how everyone says they know when somethin isnt gunna be a good idea? yea well this was the complete opposite, i looked down this hill and thought man, the worst thing that can happen to me are more grass stains in these old jeans. so i started to ski down the hill. bout halfway down my heel caught into a little dip in the hill, and i loose my balance, and started runnin to catch my balance back.i finally get to where i can control my speed but its too late, the hill ends fast, what i mean is the hill just turn straight into flat ground and i went flyin face first into the parkin lot at walmart.funny thing is my legs were still in the motion of runnin and the first thing to make contact with anything stationary was my right knee, onto the corner of the curb. and yes i completely lost the drink, so right away i get up and try to walk it off, i mean come on, my gf is here, my buddies, i dont wanna look like im in pain or nothin. then one of the girls tell me im bleedin, and im thinkin to myself that its impossible cause i dont have a cut in my jeans. funny thing is i feel it runnin down my leg. sure enough i walk about 50 yards or so to the closest bench and sit down, roll up the pant leg and i see that there is a gash that is foaming blood, yea...foaming. and i can see white stuff just before it oozes out. well after 3 days in the hospital and a some titanium my knee is heeled. the damage $25,000 with aid from the insurence, and 3 broken bones, one of which went through my kneecap and out the skin.

moral of this story, dont be a pussy, southern comfort is not a mixed drink, its a shot!

Uploaded 01/25/2009
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