Fuck Obama

As some of you will know, I have supported and defended Obama. I can actually think for myself, and thus I have decided to put forward the reasons Obama would be a bad president.  Taxing big buissness, big buissness needs to pay little as possible in taxes, same with small buissness. The reason for this is the more expensive it is for a buissness the less likely you are to get companies to build anything in your Country, and move out of country to place like Mexico. Obama claims to want to lower taxes for small buissness and raise it on big buissness but all that is is a feel good tax plan, it provides nothing.  Hell Obama wants to tax buissness then use those taxes for incentives for "green" jobs.  If Obama used his big smart head he could learn that if you lower buissness Taxes then buissness's will be able to afford going green and also green manufacturing jobs could be created because fo demand.

This is all I feel like writing about since Taxes seem to be all I'm hearing when I turn on an American news network. that and how much it cost to dress up Palin, which is the most utterly dumb argument and thing to talk about.

I am muhhaha and I still want Obama to win because my Prime minister is a retard and will follow McCain into any war he starts.

Uploaded 10/25/2008
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