Fuck Off God You Fat Bald Fuck

I suffer from the unenviable position of believing in God but not religion. While no other God loving person would ever accept me and no atheist could understand me, there are advantages. I can sleep in on the sabbath, I don't feel a need to donate or any associated guilt if I do not. There is no need for me to spread the word of God and I don't have to read any out of date books.

I can meditate and consider what God is, atheist are forbidden by some unknown power that they cannot admit to. I can philosophies about God and look for evidence that he might exist. Now this is an advantage that no atheist can ever acquire, since no God exists... I can damn him, tell him to fuck off, shake my fist at him and ask him why the world is full of assholes. I can demand fair treatment and ask, why don't you help me if you are real? Why don't you provide all that I need under one roof and just let me be me? Why can't I play my hate filled music and fuck my slutty bitches when I want to?

Invariably, just as my father said, and as his father said before him, and I say to my children, "this is my house and as long as you live under my roof, you will do as your told"!

This voice exists in us all, even those who have no fathers or mothers. We can choose to listen or ignore this voice, whatever way we turn our actions will be forgiven, and if not forgiven then forgot about. A loving mother's closes her eyes to a child's fault and as if it never existed re-invites the child back to the table. A wise and humble father serves the roast beast!

There is no God in the sky demanding your commitment or ritualistic sacrifices. He doesn't want you spreading the good word or getting down on your knees to praise him, for if you do, it is to you, you pray.

God resides in us, you can accept he is there or ignore him, either way it doesn't matter.

He will forsake no one, who does not forsake themselves.

You bless You and I bless I, that is all that really matters.

Uploaded 05/08/2012
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