Fuck shrooms, smoke salvia!

The title of this blog has little to do with saying fuck shrooms and about how cool salvia is. It's really meant to say, shrooms are fun but if you really want to trip the fuck out, get a bong and do some salvia. Salvia, which was legal when i did it was an amazing legal drug. Now i am hearing from friends that smoke shops no longer sell it and that it has become illegal. Well, good thing i tried it. Not going to find many salvia dealers around.

But anyways, ive done salvia roughly 6 times. The first 3 times i could not stop laughing. I knew that nothing was funny but i just could not stop myself. The drool was pouring down my mouth because i couldnt shut it. Pretty funny to watch on my friends phone afterwards but a little scary because you kind of get a feeling that your stuck like that. Your mind could sort of tell whats going on but you just cant control what your body does. The next 2 times i tripped out. Each time i felt trapped somewhere. The 4th time i was sitting in a chair in a white room. Then there was something all the way at the end of the room but too far for me to see. Then before i knew it, things began covering me and slowly my vision was being blocked until it was all dark. Then i saw me friends face and was scared as fuck. I was laying on the ground and i saw my friends head just looking over me. That was pretty weird. Then the 5th time i was trapped and running around the top part of a plastic bag. You know the part where you snap shut. Yes, i was stuck inside that area of a plastic bag for what felt like forever. I wasnt scared though, i just remember running around trying to figure a way out. It was kind of like a puzzle.

But it is the 6th time where i actually had a deep, learning experience from salvia. Although it left me a little depressed for a couple days after, what it taught me was something some people usually dont notice about themselves or any other person alive. The trip began with everything around me being destroyed. Everything was just sucked into this warp spin and gone. I was also sucked in and now in another world. As i was being sucked in i remember screaming and yelling "I want to go home!" but in the video i dont say one word. Kind of freaky. So after i get sucked in i am yelling at what i thought was a person but really could not pin point what it was. I was yelling what happened to my friend jay. The person/thing just answered who is jay? Im screaming now. Im yelling he had a life, this person existed. He was alive and had a life. But what i was talking too had no idea who or what jay was. (Insert jay is my imaginery friend and i was not tripping joke here) Then everything slowly went back to normal. What this trip made me realize is that we, humans, are such a small thing in this universe. I mean look at how big everything is compared to us. We are so small it is amazing. Its actually quite scary. In millions of years, when everything is destroyed on our planet and nothing exists, our lives, our legacies will all be gone. Kind of a depressing thing to realize just how small you really are when looking at the big picture.

I spent the next two days just trying to remember details from my hallucination and what i could learn from it. Well instead of learning to just be a pussy whos depressed i decided to take a positive spin on this trip. Were all going to be dead and forgotten one day so fuck it, have fun.


Uploaded 06/17/2009
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