Fuck The Police

CLick it or Ticket, a popular slogan you see on billboards everywhere and commercials everytime you watch television. This catchy slogan states, if you do not wear YOUR seatbelt while driving your vechicle you will have to pay a fine.

Im driving in MY truck and dont you think i should have the right to decide on my own whether the fuck or not i want to wear a seatbelt? What the fuck does a cop or the city give a shit if i get into a car accident and die because I chose not to wear MY seatbelt. Ill tell you, the dont give a shit if i die or not. Its my fucking truck, if i dont want to wear a fucking uncomfortable seatbelt, im not going to fucking wear one.

To me, when you get in your car and put on a seatbelt you asking to get into an accident. Why, you ask? Well, when i get into my car i dont plan on crashing or getting into a fucking accident. I plan on driving to where i have to go and getting there. Simple. When you put on a seatbelt, you plan on fucking crashing. You are planning ahead that something is going to go wrong. Well fuck you negative nancys. I dont plan on fucking crashing so why the fuck am i going to where a seatbelt? So that when i make a turn i dont shift in my seat? Well thank you city of new fucking cocksucker york for caring about my body shifting in my seat during turns. If you were a city who fucking cared about its people and didnt want to see them get hurt, why dont you fucking jack the cigarette prices up a little fucking higher so that we need to take out a loan for a pack? Oh, wait, you fuckfaced shitcunts are basicly already doing that.

And these fucking cops with their stupid fucking moustaches and badges who think theyre the shit. You have a fucking quota to fill and your job just got much easier. Now instead of writing tickets to people for gliding through stop signs in the middle of nowhere at 2 in the morning or pretending people are speeding, now you just have to pull people over when they get in their car and forget for 3 seconds to put on a fucking seatbelt.

Fuck cops, Fuck NYPD. The next time a cop gets killed, im having a party. Im big fucking bash to celebrate that there is now one less piece of fucking shit on the streets. Everyones invited to my apartment the next time a cop takes one to the brain. Except Wallboy. And that fag Mariano. Oh, and the pussy megafail whos scared to respond to me. And that cunt of an admin peppertwat.

Uploaded 06/16/2009
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