The other day I was at the beachside boardwalk city extreme 5000 about to catch some fireworks when world war 2 aircraft flew over shooting blanks. P-51's fuck yah. As they finished flying around a man gave a speech and as it finished the air force honor guard marched in procession to raise the flag. As it raised the national anthem began to play. I have to say I am pretty disgusted that the average american does not know what to do while the anthem is playing. People were walking around looking like idiots. Mexicans and all their fucking kids drinking beers not giving a fuck. Stupid broads with their big fake tits giggling "why is everyone stopped?" Here is your guide for the 4th and life to the national anthem.

When the national anthem begins to play, stop. Stop walking, put cell phones on hold, stop driving your car if possible, turn it off. Have some god damned respect.

For my civilians-

after stopping,

1.) take your hat off. If you're female wearing a head dress or sun hat, don't worry about it. Baseball cap and female? take the shit off your head.

2.) Face the American flag. If there isn't one, face the direction the music is coming from.

3.) stand feet together with your hand over your heart and keep your fucking mouth shut.

For my military brothers and sister,

If you don't know what to do, you better figure it the fuck out.

I don't care if no one else is doing it, have some respect for the men and women who died for this country. You can set your pride aside for 5minutes for the love of Jesus Christ and baby Jesus.

Happy fourth of July you dick smoke
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