Fucked Up Thai Horror Movie

I was recently browsing for a decent movie to watch in the evening. I checked the Horror/Thriller section for any new additions and something caught my eye. It was another of those messed up Thai horror movies, which are becoming more and more popular in Australia.

From the short review, I learned that it's about a boy who locked himself in his room and didn't leave it for years (5 or 6). He only corresponds with his mother by writing on slips of paper and passing it under the door. She leaves him meals by the door and leaves. There's no way she can enter his room, otherwise he threatens that he'll kill himself.

This is interesting. After I took a look at the front cover, I knew that I had to watch that shit. There was a lady and a girl dressed in something resembling a Japanese school girl uniform. LOLOLOLOL It's probably the son, I thought. That's a must see.

Unfortunately, the girl from the cover was another character and there was no ladyboy/tranny drama in it. What was there turned out to be one of the best and most original horror movie plots I've ever watched.

Who Are You, cause that's what the movie's called in Oz, tells a story about a girl with allergies. She doesn't leave her room often and sometimes watches somebody move behind the drapes in the house next door. That's her friend she didn't see for years. The boy doesn't leave his room. They say he has some kind of a mental disorder. When his mother tries to get him to open the door, he cuts off his finger and passes it under the door. That's about it when it comes for negotiations.

The plot twists from that moment, since later it turns out that the boy is long dead and it's his mother's willpower that animates his corpse to walk around the room. She's also convinced herself that the boy is fine and doesn't know that it's her own doing. Everybody that tries to enter the room gets killed by the little corpse or by the mother (she later acts like nothing happened).

One day the allergic girl follows a cat with a plastic bag wrapped around his head (what a kind soul she has!) to help him take it off and ends up in the house next door. Through a series of events, she needs to hide there and witnesses the animated corpse move. Blah,blah, blah, I kinda told 80% of the movie already. Spoiler me. It's not that you're going to watch the movie anyway, so here's how it ends. Everybody dies.

I'm just kidding. The ending is very surprising and leaves much to think about for later. It also gives much insight into the plot and watching the movie again will give you a different perspective. That's one good movie, if you ask me. Especially because the story isn't just another copy of the popular horror cliches. I bet there's gonna be a Hollywood remake soon. And that it's gonna be a shitty movie.
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