Fun Super Bowl drinking game

Just gonna share a fun drinking game we made up during the first quarter of the super bowl.

Someone was explaining to my mother-in-law about Rapethisberger, so the next few times I saw his name, I said RAPE out loud.  Well my brother-in-law suggested that we turn it into a drinking game, where whenever you see Ben, the first person to says rape, causes all the others to drink.  By the end of the first half, about 4 or 5 of us were well on our way to being way fucked up, so we changed the rules to needing to see his name in print, either a STAT on the screen, or his jersey.  I think I won, but I can't remember, but it was fun.

Maybe other versions of this game can come from this.  Maybe DOGFIGHT!  just thinking out loud.

Oh yeah, and I was so happy to see the Packers win.  Not that I give a shit about the packers, but every single fucking Steelers fan I have met (sans the two koreans who work at a sushi place I visit) turn out to be the most arrogant fucking assholes about being Steelers' fans that it just makes me wanna see them eat their smug shit.  All those "ATTENTION, YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF A STEELERS FAN..." bullshit avatars just made me sick.  They are so damn rude and fucking crass that I was happy knowing that they all hung their pathetic shitty little heads sunday evening in shame.

Thank you god.
Uploaded 02/09/2011
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