Fun with AIM chat rooms, funny shit read till the end

elemenayefoh (9:31:05 PM): hey
StrLovH (9:31:31 PM): this is what i ment
elemenayefoh (9:31:34 PM): kk
elemenayefoh (9:31:40 PM): can i see pics
ATTENTION (9:31:47 PM): Direct IM session initiated.
StrLovH (9:32:18 PM): ok ur turn
elemenayefoh (9:32:29 PM): i dont have any on this comp
elemenayefoh (9:32:32 PM): i just got it
elemenayefoh (9:32:37 PM): u got any nudes?
StrLovH (9:33:00 PM): no y would i show u nude pics of me idk what u look lik
elemenayefoh (9:33:25 PM): im 6foot 8 and i have a three foot penis
elemenayefoh (9:33:30 PM): i named him billy bob
StrLovH (9:33:42 PM): ha ha ha ha ha ha funnie
elemenayefoh (9:33:45 PM): ok
elemenayefoh (9:33:48 PM): dont believe me
elemenayefoh (9:33:51 PM): its HUGE
StrLovH (9:33:59 PM): lol nope i wanna seee
elemenayefoh (9:34:09 PM): lol
elemenayefoh (9:34:13 PM): no nudes no dick
StrLovH (9:34:20 PM): fine then u
elemenayefoh (9:34:27 PM): ?
StrLovH (9:34:36 PM): i wanna see you
StrLovH (9:34:38 PM): now
elemenayefoh (9:34:40 PM): nope
StrLovH (9:34:41 PM): rite now
elemenayefoh (9:34:47 PM): NOOOOOOOOOO
elemenayefoh (9:34:55 PM): MY PENIS IS SACRED
StrLovH (9:34:57 PM): now now now now please thats not fair
elemenayefoh (9:35:02 PM): i said
elemenayefoh (9:35:20 PM): my penis deserves only the best treatment
StrLovH (9:35:23 PM): y is your penis scared
StrLovH (9:35:31 PM): what
elemenayefoh (9:35:44 PM): it has been worshipped by many tribes in africa
elemenayefoh (9:36:01 PM): the zulus made a solid gold statue of it
StrLovH (9:36:05 PM): oh really arn't you just a comidien
StrLovH (9:36:06 PM): lol
elemenayefoh (9:36:11 PM): fine
elemenayefoh (9:36:14 PM): dont believe me
elemenayefoh (9:36:17 PM): ull se
StrLovH (9:36:21 PM): i don't
StrLovH (9:36:22 PM): when
StrLovH (9:36:31 PM): now
StrLovH (9:36:34 PM): please
elemenayefoh (9:36:36 PM): when it pops up on the channel 4 news
StrLovH (9:36:42 PM): lmao
elemenayefoh (9:36:44 PM): u can see it from the chopper
StrLovH (9:36:49 PM): your crazy
StrLovH (9:36:52 PM): lol
elemenayefoh (9:36:53 PM): my penis is
elemenayefoh (9:36:57 PM): it has a mind of its own
StrLovH (9:37:11 PM): lol omg
StrLovH (9:37:23 PM): oh yeah does it talk to you
elemenayefoh (9:37:32 PM): it knowcked out my psychiatrist once
elemenayefoh (9:37:41 PM): but it was his fault
elemenayefoh (9:37:53 PM): he didnt belive my penis either
StrLovH (9:37:58 PM): lol
StrLovH (9:38:06 PM): ok fa real
StrLovH (9:38:10 PM): let me see
StrLovH (9:39:19 PM): hey
elemenayefoh (9:39:29 PM): billybob(my penis) was lectureing him on the cause of povery in India then the shink realized that billybob was really a penis in disquise then told billybob to get out and billybob went nuts got up and dick slapped him with his own dick(my penis has its own penis)
elemenayefoh (9:39:56 PM): its all true
elemenayefoh (9:40:06 PM): its even recorded in the big book of dick
StrLovH (9:40:10 PM): omg u r so funnie
elemenayefoh (9:40:18 PM): ur making billybob mad
elemenayefoh (9:40:26 PM): this is no joke
elemenayefoh (9:40:28 PM): im telling yo
StrLovH (9:40:49 PM): is he gonna dick slap me too now
StrLovH (9:40:50 PM): lol
elemenayefoh (9:40:58 PM): he will put ur eye out
StrLovH (9:41:21 PM): lmao
StrLovH (9:41:32 PM): can i please see what u look like
elemenayefoh (9:41:39 PM): he wont like that
StrLovH (9:41:41 PM): u not billybob
elemenayefoh (9:41:48 PM): he WONT like that
elemenayefoh (9:41:51 PM): im telling u
StrLovH (9:41:54 PM): y not
StrLovH (9:42:06 PM): i promice i'll keep it a secret lol
elemenayefoh (9:42:09 PM): kk
elemenayefoh (9:42:11 PM): fine
StrLovH (9:43:19 PM): ....
elemenayefoh (9:43:24 PM): one sec
elemenayefoh (9:45:00 PM): wait
elemenayefoh (9:45:02 PM): i found it
elemenayefoh (9:45:04 PM): one sec
ATTENTION (9:45:09 PM): Direct IM session initiated. What is this?
(At this point I send this chick a pic of some black guy with a 3 foot dick)
elemenayefoh (9:45:17 PM): ok
elemenayefoh (9:45:24 PM): it worked
StrLovH (9:45:36 PM): u r so not funnie lmao
elemenayefoh (9:45:41 PM): yes i am
elemenayefoh (9:45:45 PM): thats billybob
StrLovH (9:45:51 PM): im sure
StrLovH (9:45:52 PM): lol
elemenayefoh (9:45:56 PM): and the black dude is me
StrLovH (9:46:21 PM): lol funnie
elemenayefoh (9:46:41 PM): ok
elemenayefoh (9:46:47 PM): if this is gunna work
elemenayefoh (9:46:52 PM): we need trust
StrLovH (9:46:56 PM): ok
StrLovH (9:47:38 PM): well....
elemenayefoh (9:47:41 PM): well
elemenayefoh (9:47:49 PM): my tits are getting sore from all this
elemenayefoh (9:47:57 PM): when do i rub my clit
StrLovH (9:48:11 PM): WHAT
elemenayefoh (9:48:54 PM): ?
elemenayefoh (9:49:04 PM): wasnt this a lesbian thing
elemenayefoh (9:49:11 PM): u thought  i was a dude?
StrLovH (9:49:38 PM): yeah that is what u said?????????
elemenayefoh (9:49:59 PM): i thought it was roleplay
elemenayefoh (9:50:04 PM): i thought u just sucked at it
StrLovH (9:50:24 PM): lmao thankx ur weird
elemenayefoh (9:50:30 PM): ok
elemenayefoh (9:50:38 PM): so no fantasies
elemenayefoh (9:50:42 PM): about having a guy?
elemenayefoh (9:50:52 PM): i personally go both ways
elemenayefoh (9:51:01 PM): u thought u were the kind that would to
elemenayefoh (9:51:21 PM): i have a strap on if it helps wwith the image of me
StrLovH (9:51:35 PM): oh interesting lol
elemenayefoh (9:51:41 PM): wait upp
elemenayefoh (9:51:48 PM): so u dont liek girls?
StrLovH (9:51:48 PM): r u being serious
elemenayefoh (9:51:51 PM): yes
elemenayefoh (9:52:42 PM): u wanna keep going or not?
strlovh (9:53:09 PM): i think you hilarious (sp) lol
strlovh (9:53:12 PM): so whatever
elemenayefoh (9:53:19 PM): sp?
strlovh (9:53:32 PM): (sp) spelling
elemenayefoh (9:53:46 PM): thats how u spell it
strlovh (9:54:17 PM): oh well i didn't know that sry
StrLovH (9:55:15 PM): so u really don't have any pics
elemenayefoh (9:56:16 PM): nope
elemenayefoh (9:56:18 PM): y
elemenayefoh (9:56:21 PM): so u like pussy or not
StrLovH (9:57:01 PM): uumm idk i have never been with a gurl y
elemenayefoh (9:57:08 PM): looser
elemenayefoh (9:57:12 PM): u have no idea
StrLovH (9:57:38 PM): i have no idea what??
elemenayefoh (9:57:46 PM): what the cunt is like
elemenayefoh (9:58:24 PM): i have a yellow one
elemenayefoh (9:58:50 PM): its pokadotted with small pocks
StrLovH (9:59:15 PM): really so u have a 3 foot dick that talks named billybob and a yellow pussy with small pocks
elemenayefoh (9:59:21 PM): yep
StrLovH (9:59:23 PM): wwwoooowwww lol
elemenayefoh (9:59:35 PM): hey
elemenayefoh (9:59:39 PM): thats not fair
elemenayefoh (9:59:44 PM): kk
elemenayefoh (9:59:46 PM): i g2g
elemenayefoh (10:00:01 PM): my dick has insemenated my pokadotted pussy
StrLovH (10:00:44 PM): u r weird
elemenayefoh (10:00:47 PM): i know
elemenayefoh (10:00:50 PM): it makes me horny
elemenayefoh (10:00:52 PM): bye lady
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