Funny anecdote

Funny story back in junior year of high school. alow me to describe the setting.

     in chemistry class i always sat in the back with three dudes, sam, terry, and hee yule (aka john). me and john were good friends, as were me and terry. sam on the other hand was a little prick so me and john stayed away from him, but terry was friends with him. i was the stoner/slacker who actually got good grades, sam was the kid who talked about how well he was doing when he was failing the class, and john was a rare asian jock, therefore a rare academically challenged asian.

     the tests in the class were team tests, harder than other classes but you were allowed to work with a partner. me and john always teamed up, while sam and terry always teamed up. i dragged john through with B's and low A's, while sam and terry fell behind with D's and low C's. now, sam is an incredibly stupid little shit, and he seriously believed that because john was asian, he was the one getting good grades for the team. so he suggests that we swap partners. i was neutral to the idea since terry was a good friend, but john, sharing my dislike for sam, rejected the idea.

     and so, telling sam that it wasn't going to happen, he goes to the teacher and accuses me of "hogging" john as my partner. mind you, this is a 17 year old making these accusations and bitching at the teacher because he didn't get the partner that he wanted as if it were elementry school. anywho, the teacher tells him that it's john's choice who is his partner. john reafirms that he wants nothing to do with sam, but sam continues his hissy fit, saying that i was making john decide that way.

     to shut the little fucker up, i convinced john to swap partners. i had tried to partner with sam to spare john, but sam was adamant about getting john, since john was the asian and i was the stoner so obviously john was the brains. so all was quiet as we took our next test, sam happy because he had the asian, and i was happy because it was all over. so, predictably, when the scores came back me and terry had passed with flying colors and sam and john had dismal grades. to wrap it up, sam got it through that tiny yet thick skull that i was the smart one, and so asked me to be his partner for the next test. naturally, i told him to fuck right off.

     the moral of this story is that stoners make far better study mates than asians. 

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