Funny glitch

yesterday I opened one of the videos and there was this strange fenomenon there some bug made live chat show up in the comments there which was funny, there was people that commented about the plane and others kept chatting normally I told them but they thought I was joking

so I made comments there and the people in chat saw them so it posted on chat too and the people who commented about the video automatikly posted them in the chat because of the glitch, I said youre on the main page people but they were too busy with this thing about one user, listen up homies this is terrible

so this pretty girl misstawpa broke up with her boyfriend who she aparently met on this website and hes a user too when they broke up he posted her naked picturs here and sent naked photos of her to her father this is groos. I mean what are the limits to some people in acting like a douche? come on sending naked photos to her dad? it's sick. what do u feel? take care bloggers
Uploaded 09/01/2011
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