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A man is at work one day when for some reason he gets a sneaking suspicion that his wife has been cheating on him. He decided to go home at lunch to check things out. When he arrives he finds his wife standing there completely naked. In a fury he races around the apartment searching for the man. When he's about to give up he notices a pair of hands dangling from the balcony. He races out on the balcony to find a half naked man hanging there. In his fury he stomps on his fingers and the man falls into a bunch of bushes but he lives. So in his fury the husband goes into the kitchen grabs the fridge and throws it down on the man crushing him. In his triumph the husband dies of a heart attack. The husband is now standing in front of the pearly gates but is then told that he is only allowed in if he died a terrible death. He tells the gate keeper what happened and is let in. Then behind him, there is a half naked man and the gate keeper asks how he died like this. He tells the gatekeeper that every day he works out in his apartment. He was doing chin ups on his balcony when some crazy guy came out and stomped on his fingers till he fell to the ground then when he survived a fridge fell from the sky and crushed him. He was let in. Next a naked man walked up to the gate. The gatekeeper is confused and asked how he died. The man says that he had been fooling around with some guys wife. The husband then came home so he hid in the fridge.

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