Funny people, funny faces, funny teeth. And my phone

This is a completely pointless blog about what happened with my last phone. I thought it was funny and was going to share.

    It's early, like 5 am early. That's what I get for sticking with this shit hole construction job. At this hour it's too early for me to make my own breakfast because I'm tired. So on the way, I stop and a gas station to grab some ding-dongs. Then it hit me, I remember that I ate some really good mexican last night. Everyone knows what happens when you eat really good mexican, your ass has a falceto voice screaming "La cucu racha..."

  It was a little cold, so I was wearing a hoodie. They usually have the front pockets. This, of all places, was were I had to put my phone. Why did I do it? Hindsight is always 20/20 I guess. So, after I blew up the toliet in a already nasty gas station rest room, I reach for the T.P. Gravity played a cruel joke on me, and my phone tips out of my hoodie, and into the nastiest shit soup in the world. I was frozen with shock for about 30 seconds, I didn't dare move. *Did that just happen? Please tell me something else just dropped out of my ass, and it was not my phone* I see some bubbles float up. I check my hoodie...DAMN IT ALL!!! I screamed. I hear grumbling about my cursing.

  There was NO WAY in hell I was going after that phone. If it was resting against my normal logs..maybe. But definately not this diarea soup mix. Then I see the toilet brush, I think that might work. (I was NOT going to keep the phone, just grab the SIM card and throw the thing away.) After about two min. of splashing around, I give up, and flush it. Goodbye phone, you were good to me.

I quickly leave the store because I could not get all the shit particles off the brush..haha. I have to now go get a shitty new phone because I can't afford a nice one.(The video for this new phone is here:   via whynot's request.

Uploaded 09/15/2008
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