funny trapping story...animal rights actavists DO NOT READ!!!

hey i know some of you will leave some bitching comments but i warned you.

actually this just happned about an hour ago so its still fresh in my head. to those of you who trap on this website (maybe about %2 if that) i set some #2 traps out in my woods with sardines on them for bait, because i was going for some coons. so anyways these traps are huge you know for like coyote sized animals and smaller. so anyways i go out to check my traps (i do this at least twice a day so that animals dont have to starve of be there longer than the need to) so anyways i go up there after i checked my first three traps which had nothin in them and what do i see? well at first it looks empty and normal but i get closer and i see some movement in the logs (i put up some logs for a stop so that if an animal come he will only come from one side and will walk on the trap.) and i run up and i see this squirrel so i try to pin his head down ( at that point i didnt know he was in the trap and i wanted to get some more squirrel skins) and i finally was started to think "where the hell is my trap?" so i looked down and i see his hand in the trap. so ran inside got the gun and pop! one quick and painless shot to the head. i realesed his leg and picked him up and aparently the pressure from the bullet made his eyes stick out about 3 times farther then they should be and i then took him back and skinned him and gutted him and cooked the meat (mmmmm squirrel). by now im sure all of yo who aren't trappers think that i am some kind of southern racist basterd who clings to his guns and his god well i dont go to church i dont carry guns around in public and i dont live in the south. just thaught i would clarify that. oh and by the way who the hell writes about their problems on the internet to complete strangers just have them read it and make fun of them? no....whats worse? people go around reading about other loser's problems. our would is going down the shitter people. obama is president, america is in debt, gas prices will skyrocket, and there is no chicken left in my freezer. the end is soon to come people, you have been warned.



thank you,


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