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Ah, My favorite game Halo 2
And i can't wait the for the next one too
As the game starts, on my favorite map Lockout
I start to feel a little bit of doubt
I rush to the sniper looking for a kill
But i run into a player called GetOwnedByBill
As me and him start to have an epic battle
A noob looking for a kill kills me named ThatFatCattle
As I respawn I'm looking for revenge
And to keep my pride I have to avenge
I go to a spot to pick up stickies
But I run into a dude named SuperQuickies
I rush him with my BR
Then to his surprise, he got BXR'd
Also I noticed he had the sniper
So I picked it up and got uber hyper
Across the map I zoom in
Right to the noob's head, BOOM!
The next one comes but he shoots me
But I no scoped him right in the knee
Then i swapped weapons right to my BR
He jumped down and I shot him, his last word was YAR!!
As the end of the game was near
I couldn't help but fear
Our team was going to lose
But we decieded to kick it back into gear
In the last minute we ended up winning
I was laughing so hard my head was spinning
The guys on the other team talked their smack
But my team and I knew they were whack
The final score for our team was fifty
Their score for the game was pretty nifty
I got the most kills with twenty-one
And my deaths were just eight more than one
That is a game of Halo 2 in a nutshell
If you play, it might be hell...




Uploaded 10/18/2008
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