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this ok but u need to really pay attenton to it. it will blow your mind i really think you might hate it to if u r a john mccain lover u really need to get the hell away from this video right now now get away or you will be insulted. now to get to the real matter i mean real not reel or fake. who is going to win president i think i want obama because mcCain voted with gay bush ninty percent of the time and you dont want the same thing that keeps our troops in Iraq. Spending 10 billion a year is awful when we could use it for our economy in the dumper really should put a different person in charge not the same. If your with me send me a message. Really dont hesetate to give me a jingle but dont send any hate mail to me im  stressed anough already so dont you dare!!! i really dont want to go deleting/ throwing the computer across the room  your messages so dont send them ok! so if you hate bush send me a message and we could have a club not a real one but on line so please send me a message!! i should be signing out now so sianara thats spanish for bye bye suckers. hola como esta. no no matimaticas en el bano.     

Uploaded 10/24/2008
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