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I just posted a link to a funny blog about someone sending a collection agency a paint shop spider drawing as payment in full for is bill. Funny insues

I still won by the cant make being rude right. All you managed to do is prove my point. The arguement wasnt how well we write it was how being a rude asshat is pointless on a comedic web site. I dont care how anyone compensates for their shitty lives. Well i will happily debate again if you want but we can be civil if you like or we can call forth the obligated friends to our defence.  I have no need to insult anyone who hasnt insulted me. You may be polite or nice ,even funny but hey first impressions make relationships right?


Consider this my victory speech.Open another battle if you want but all you can say is how i write and im not funny to you.Does that matter....Nope. Get over yourselves This isnt a popularity contest its a stupid site meant to be nothing more then jokes and funny videos.My favorite site for stupid stuff.I read too much to care about my writing. Why should you care? or anyone for that matter. Honestly i make points and all you can do is insult me. Good luck but i am still right here.


Uploaded 11/09/2008
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