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I work at a golf course and there is this man that I hate more than jesus hates abortion.  He's always coming around, asking for free shit or discounts and he's got an annoying high pitched spanish accented voice.  I fucking want to kill him.  Today he was talking to me, it's 6 a.m. mind you, complaining that our greens are shitty or whatever.  Normally I can tune this out, but not today.  I listen to this man bitch and moan about how our greens suck and no more than three minutes later I watch him drive his golf cart over the green on the 1st hole.  what kind of shit is that.  If you don't know, the one thing you shouldn't do on a golf course is fuck with the greens, mainly do not drive the golf cart on them!  And this dicknose is complaining to me about the greens all morning.  So he finishes his round and comes back to talk to me.  He starts asking for his money back because the people cutting the grass on the course were in his way.  They cut that grass the same way every morning of the year and nobody ever complains.  So he's arguing with me and the whole time in my head I'm thinking..."man i want to murder this guy"  not to be crazy or anything but I wanted to rip this guys eyeballs out and take a big giant bite out of them so he could see me eating his face.  This is the level of frustration I was at.  I'm by no means sick or twisted but this dude made my mind snap. But I just smiled and told him to leave and he left.  I wonder if he knew that I was inches away from paying a crackhead to bleed on him...

Uploaded 09/17/2008
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