fur the germans

I have been studying german language, learning german history, something short of worshipping germany. I learn that in ten or so years the poor german culture will be history. I am somewhat drunk so this is something of a rant. I want you to know that Germany is a country that has helped build America into what it is today. That we thank them for our culture of beer. Our culture of objectifying women (not really) and our culture of masculinity (yes really). Germany is swamped with their shame for hitler, which today is his 50th or so anniversary of his rise to power. Poor Germany. I swear. The poor people feel so bad for their history that they feel the need to what do you call it? Mesh? I'm so drunk I can't think of it right now. They feel like if they stand for anything, I don't know. They can have no pride without the feeling of naziism. It's such a small country that has accomplished much, and I think they deserve much much more. Efficiency, Mechanicsm, Pride. White history!!! Salute to our forefathers!!!!

Uploaded 01/30/2013
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